To provide a professional vehicle attendant service through:



          Safeguarding each and every parked vehicle and therefore ensuring complete peace of mind for the customer.


         Re-imbursement of Insurance excess in case of a “break in” or stolen Vehicle


          Assisting customers with trolleys when required.


          Assisting customers with umbrellas on rainy days.


          Providing supervision to all sites.


          Training all vehicle attendants to our standards.


           Observation Tower (Subject to feasibility)


          Radio contact between our supervisor and the centre’s Management/ Security



Local Community Opportunities



         Our services are labour intensive and create a large number of sustainable job opportunities for previously unemployed individuals.


         We aim to improve the general public’s perception of the vehicle attendants


         Ensure pride and upliftment of our workforce 


         We are locally based





  1. Personal Interviews and Screening to ensure that:


          Attendants comply with PSIRA regulations.

          Attendants comply with the Local Municipality regulations.


  1. Theoretical Training


          Professional image.

          Professional approach towards a customer


          Incident procedures – recording and reporting of incidents in Company provided notebook.


  1. Practical Training


         Implementation of theory

         Introduce uniform appearance/ presentation

         Client handling


  1. Follow on Training


         Morning discussions about the previous days lessons learned and to ensure our high standards are met and maintained

         Continuous refreshment training courses are done on an evaluation basis.





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